CoolMenus is an advanced menu script that I have been working on for years. If you have been browsing this site you have already used the script. The coolMenus have been downloaded over 200 000 times! 

Main features

– Unlimited submenus
– 99% Browser compatibility (the web can be so tricky that I can’t say 100%)
– Very customizable
– Very fast (considering the browser compatibility)

News and changes in version 4

– It now actually works cross-browser. 
– Arrow support added (will be automatically shown if there are submenus)
– The coolmenus.js file is now a lot lighter, from now on I’ll call that the core file and I’ll be adding new features to another js file. That means that you more then before can have only the parts of the code you need.
– NOTE: Simple frame support is added to the current version.
– You no longer set the colors or style in the script. You make CSS classes in a stylesheet that you tell the script to use. You can set classes on levels or on individual menu items. This makes it easier to customize the look of the menu. It does however require some css knowledge or you can ask for help from this NY web design company.

Everyone that uses coolMenus 3 WITHOUT frames should upgrade as soon as possible. Though it does require some tweaking of the settings of the script to upgrade I assure you it’s worth it.


The coolMenu script is made by and copyrighted to Thomas Brattli. 

The coolMenu script is FREE to use as long you keep the copyright message in the source. If you wish to use the script – Download it.